The Pitch Project


Introducing the Pitch Project

In the year where Trump won America and Brexit won Britain, The Pitch Project is a deep dive exploration of the art and science of a successful pitch. The aim of the project is to decode the building blocks of a successful pitch narrative, so that businesses, agencies, politicians, startups and social enterprises can learn how to craft pitches that move, and win, an audience.

The project is a year-long exploration of great narrative encompassing a review of the  latest neurological research on the impact of story on the mind, real world analysis of the anatomy winning business pitches, and review and testing of the methodology across a hundred startup investor pitches across Europe.

The results of the project will be shared at universities, coworking spaces and business workshops; and ultimately seeks to enable more leaders and founders to communicate more effectively


Kim will be speaking about the pitch project at the following events:

* Pirate Summit, Cologne, 6-7 Sept

* Huckletree, London, 2 Nov

* Web Summit, Lisbon, 5-9 Nov


Why Hillary lost the first presidential debate (Medium)


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